Why use Live Support Chat?


Online customers are one of the hardest types of clients to court; as they expect answers in their grasp within a second otherwise they simply hit a button and move onto a new website. While you can address this problem by creating a user friendly web design, if you operate a website that is focused on sales you will need more than a great design to turn a large majority of web browsers and traffic into buying customers.

This is where live support via live chat software comes into play since it gives you the ability to reach out to every customer and address their needs in the thirty seconds in which a customer expects to receive it.

The ability to offer live help on a website versus email support is often a distinguishing factor between websites that experience modest sales and those that experience high sales on a routine basis. This is due to the fact that a live chat box also gives your website a boost in confidence since consumers will view the site as a more legitimate shopping area.

This factor alone can turn around your sales figures as more people will be inclined to stay and checkout your merchandise because the site appears to be reputable with instant live support on hand.

Another reason that live chat can turn around a website is the fact that it can be used to snag consumers who may be debating a purchase. Without a live chat system in place, a customer can fill up their shopping cart, debate a purchase, and then click off the page because there is no accountability or pressure to proceed with the sale.

However, with live support in place an operator can track a customer that is shopping and choose to open up the lines of communication with them. Not only will this make the browser think about their purchase more carefully as they are prompted through the checkout process, but it may change their minds about the purchase all together since they now have an option to ask questions.

The number one reason that consumers choose not to buy a product online, that they have already placed in a shopping cart, is because they have questions and concerns about the product that are not listed on the website or not easily found within the site.

A live support box however gives the customer instant answers while the purchase is fresh on their minds. The average customer is not going to take the time to look for an answer within a website or email the operator; instead they will head to a site that offers the answer upfront.

When you have live chat software you can offer live support and instant answers so that a consumer does not have to think about the purchase later. Thus, instead of watching customers turn away, you can watch your sales increase simply due to the installation of a live chat system.